Individual Subscription

A FTR Individual Certificate is granted to an advisor to use with his/her exclusive branding as a “Certified FTR Coach” at a monthly fee of $125.00, which is based on an annual rate of $1,500.00.

The majority of Fit-To-Retire Coaches will use the FTR tool for two distinct purposes: 1) as a customized client productivity tool they deliver to clients; and 2) as an advertising/marketing tool and “differentiator” as a certified coach and practitioner of the FTR® Readiness Roadmap.

Group Subscription

A FTR Group Certificate is granted to a group of advisors to use at one location. This "brands" the firm, or group. The group certificate gives the group working from one location with several advisors the ability to use the powerful tools of the Fit-To-Retire software under the group banner.

A group account must include at least 2 advisors who are certified as FTR Coaches (IAR’s only). The group receives its own unique landing page and survey link for general promotional activity and tracking. Each coach also receives his/her branded and personalized landing page.

The cost for each certified coach is $125 per month and there are 10% and 20% discounts for coaches 3 and 4 and 5+ respectively. There is a 1x onboarding charge of $200 for each coach and the group.

Monthly subscription charges and onboarding charges are made through one designated rep ID.

Branding and Production Details

Standard Set-up Fee: There is a one-time setup fee of $200 upon newly subscribing to the FTR program. This fee covers the cost of creating and branding each advisor’s Fit to Retire webpage, training on the FTR portal, and includes the branding of three (3) videos from the FTR library. There are two (2) branding models from which to choose:

Business photo and voice over – Coach provides his own voice-over by creating and submitting an MPEG file for production. The Coach’s photo, logo, contact details and compliance statement are picked up from the Coach’s FTR file. This is the standard execution included in the set-up fee.

Video shot of advisor with audio – Coach produces and submits an MP4 file with his image and message. FTR picks up his contact details and compliance from the coach’s FTR file. This is optional. Call for price and details.

Additional FTR Coach Branding and Production: Branded videos, in addition to the three (3) videos each advisor receives as part of the setup are $75 per video. Certified Coaches are given their choice of which FTR videos they choose to brand. Refer to Coach’s dashboard to select videos.


Both subscription and setup fees will be deducted from your commissions/fees by your broker-dealer, according to its standard procedure.

By clicking the Submit Application button below, you are authorizing your broker-dealer to debit your commissions/fees $200 as a one-time setup fee and for the subscription fee of $125/month on an ongoing basis, until it is notified of your termination from the FTR program.

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