What's all the excitement?

Three additional on-line tools can complement your existing retirement planning with Retirement Transition Support. The on-line Psychometrically-designed Readiness Assessment, Pre-Retirement Checklist and 100 Day Playbook and the library of animated videos and public-facing tools give you a digital assist to your existing planning services.

Remember: Fit-To-Retire is helping a client with their Retirement Transition – IT IS NOT Financial or Retirement Planning, but rather a complement.

Meet Rita

Rita is an Investment Advisory Representative. Rita stands out from the crowd by offering the powerful tools included in the Fit-To-Retire Readiness Roadmap.

  1. Psychometrically-designed Assessment Tool
  2. Pre-Retirement Checklist
  3. 100 Day Playbook

Contributing Authors share their collective knowledge and experience in helping clients transitioning to successful retirements.

Competitive Advantage

Financial advisors certified to use the Fit-To-Retire Readiness Roadmap gain a tremendous differential advantage over the competition gearing-up to serve the baby boomer generation nearing and entering their retirement.

It’s Go-Time for them and Show-Time for you. Let’s get you started.

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